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K- 546- 12mm Dark Solids Mixed 110-120 Count Beads



You will receive 1 bag of 12mm Dark Solid chunky beads. Beads are not paired. There will be approximately 110-120 Beads in your Bulk Bag Mix!

MIXED BAGS OF BEADS: Per the listing description, these mixes are not paired. Mixed bags will have a variety of beads, but do not guarantee any specific colors or number per color. Again, these mixed bags of beads are generally pre-mixed by the factory. The selection in them will vary from order to order. We do NOT guarantee that any specific colors will be included or excluded from a mixed bag. Please only order this bag if you understand this. If you are needing specific colors of beads, it's best to purchase them by the set so that you get exactly what is needed!! Thank you!