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W488- Black & Gray Chevron Matte Acrylic Beads (10 Count)


We have run out of stock for this item.

These Matte Beads are delightful!  Please note that there may be imperfections, due to the manufacturing process.


20mm = 10 Count
MATERIAL: Acrylic/Resin
HOLE SIZE: Ranges from 1-2mm 


Please keep in mind that the resolution you are seeing the beads on may vary from device to device- we accurately depict the color of all our of products, but cannot control how you are seeing them based on your device! If you have any "color" questions please send us a convo and we can help you!
**My Pretty Posh Princess LLCholds no liability for what you do with the beads after purchase. Please always monitor children when using these beads for crafts or in a finished product, like jewelry. Small parts may pose a choking hazard. 
**These are NOT bubble gum. These are not food.