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12mm “Frost & Ice” Chunky Bubble Gum Bead Themed Bead Lot **Read Item description before purchase!


Lot Type:

12mm Only = 100 Count 12mm Beads

50 Count 12mm = 50 Count 12mm only



Our color themed lots will include a mix of beads in the "COLORS" as shown. Please understand BEFORE purchasing this item that the lot that you receive will not be exactly like the lot shown in the photos. The photos are for reference of different bead lots that we've made in the color scheme you've choose! 
BEADS WILL VARY from lot to lot! They will never be exactly the same! 

--- At least 10 Rhinestone Beads (in the 100 Count Lots, at least 6 in the 50 Count Lots) 
--- Some specialty &/OR Print beads, per our selection! 
PLEASE Understand BEFORE purchasing this lot, that you are not guaranteed to receive "specific beads!" The photo may show chevron beads, and your lot may include quarterfoil instead of chevron beads..... EVERY SINGLE LOT IS DIFFERENT! (Also, we cannot "customize" this listing!)

**Beads will vary! Photo represents an example lot! Your lot will have all shades of this color, in many styles and prints! Example beads that could be in your lot: solids, pearls, rhinestones, quartrefoil, chevrons, dots, stripes, prints, faceted, rondelles, stardust, beach balls, metallics, wrinkle pearls... etc! We are able to price this awesome lot so low because we are constantly ordering new and different beads for these fun "princess lots!" "Princess" color themed lots are easily our most popular items! For good reason! You get a TON for your money! Order these often, as the beads included are constantly changing to offer you a fresh mix!!! You will love this awesome bead lot!


Please keep in mind that the resolution you are seeing the beads on may vary from device to device- we accurately depict the color of all our of products, but cannot control how you are seeing them based on your device! If you have any "color" questions please send us a convo and we can help you! Also, from time to time, the batches for specific beads may have a slight variance in color. These beads are made by the 1000s at the factory. This means they could vary (lighter/darker) from one purchase to the next. The factory tries to keep the variances to a minimum but it does happen every once in awhile. By purchasing from my shop you acknowledge that you understand there could be a variance from time to time. (This does not happen often, but we do like to let you know!) 
**My Pretty Posh Princess LLC/Posh Princess Supply holds no liability for what you do with the beads after purchase. Please always monitor children when using these beads for crafts or in a finished product, like jewelry. Small parts may pose a choking hazard. 
**These are NOT bubble gum. These are not food.