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Hey you!!  YES, YOU!!!!!! First, THANK YOU for following me on social media, I'm so happy you found me! If you watch my videos you have probably seen me wearing this ring in some of them. I don't wear it everyday, I keep if in a drawer on my desk and I only wear it on in-particularly tough or hectic days.


I bought this ring for myself awhile back when I was going through the HARDEST time in my business. Back in 2018....Overnight, my ENTIRE platform, inventory, photos, EVERYTHING was gone. It was a mishap with the platform I was selling on, but it literally threw me into the most challenging time of my business EVER!  I had to COMPLETELY start over, because it took the platform MONTHS to figure it out on their end. (Needless to say, I never went back there!) I spent 2 weeks getting my domain ( pointed away from that platform and to a new store (THIS ONE!).... adding photos, descriptions, and counting inventory. Literally 1000s of products and MILLIONS of beads, pendants, findings..... I had to essentially start over! 

I posted on my business social media, and harvested what I could from emails to current customers.  I had the choice in that moment to throw in the towel or to push on.  I couldn't give up. I LOVE my business and had worked SO INCREDIBLY hard! I refused to give up.  I won't lie, it was incredibly hard. I felt physically ill, and depressed. But I never gave up. One step at a time, I rebuilt my brand.... not only reaching all the customers that I already had.... but I grew my business BIGGER & BETTER than it had EVER BEEN BEFORE!  I set bigger goals than I ever imagined I could accomplish, and I SMOKED THEM!  When I was going through that storm, or feeling like I lost everything.... it forced me to find clarity in what I "really" wanted to accomplish... and lit a fire under me and inside of me to DO IT!  And I did!  

So on days when I feel stressed, or anxiety... I wear this ring. It reminds me that there's a rainbow at the end of every storm. 

So no matter what you are going through, just remember, you can decide to give up and move on (there's nothing wrong with that either!) or you can push on. But no matter what, hold your head up high, and remind yourself you got this! There are no rainbows without storms!  




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