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B21 “Blue” 3.38” Faux Leather Tassel with Keyring Hardware


We have run out of stock for this item.


One word: GORGEOUS

We Lied, two words: GORGEOUS, ADORABLE


This could go on forever! 😍 Our Faux Leather Tassels are gorgeous, adorable, fun, practical, colorful, high quality, and literally EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for! With more than 20 different styles- you will be sure to find the perfect tassel for your keychain or wristlet project! 

These tassels are 3.38” in length and already have the hardware needed to attach to a wristlet or keychain! They also come with an additional loop- for easy hardware customization if you wish! 

…..at this price- you can’t go wrong! Enjoy our designers faux leather tassels!!! They won’t disappoint! 

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