Shipping Information

Orders weighing less than 1 Pound will ship first class USPS mail without insurance. Orders weighing over 1 Pound will ship USPS Priority and the first $50 will automatically be insured by the USPS. If you wish to insure your order, please notify us BEFORE your purchase. Once an order has shipped, it can no longer be insured. Cancellations are not accepted for any reason. If you place an order with us, it will ship to you. Please make sure, prior to submitting payment that you want everything in your cart. WE WILL NOT DO A CANCELLATION! Shipping is non-refundable! Please remember that once we ship an item, and we are no longer responsible for it. Therefore, if a package is lost or damaged after shipping it is out of our control! There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges for lost or damaged goods! We encourage you to purchase Insurance to protect yourself in case something should happen with your order. If you have purchased insurance (or your package has shipped Priority with the first $50 insurance covered automatically) , and need to file a claim for one of the following reasons: -Package was never received -Tracking shows inconclusive results -Delivery to wrong address -Damaged -Package shows delivered, but you did not receive it ... any other reason You will need to do/have the following items to file a claim with the USPS to be reimbursed for your purchase! You can see a detailed list of what you need to prove loss or damage on the USPS website! Follow this link: YOU WILL NEED: -Copy of the receipt: the invoice. You can get this by checking your package, or logging into Etsy to review your purchases! -You will need the tracking number: You can find this on your package, or updated on your order in Etsy as soon as it ships! -You will need proof that the package was insured. (This is attached to the tracking number! As long as you have the tracking number, they will be able to see that your package was insured!) To file a claim with the USPS please have the above items ready and follow this link: