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Our Story....

Hello Bead Lovers!!  

My name is Marci- I'm the owner of My Pretty Posh Princes LLC. Our company is family owned and operated by myself and my husband of 11 years, Austin. Together, we have 3 kids- Christian, Emily, and Taylor.
(When we aren’t working we LOVE going to Disney, camping, traveling as much as possible and spending time together watching movies!) 

We currently live in Colorado- where our company is now based. Over the years- My Pretty Posh Princess has been located in 2 different states, and multiple locations!  We started MPPP in June of 2013- selling on Facebook only! In January of 2013- our oldest daughter, Emily was born.  Austin was a general manager at a parts store, and worked 80+ hours a week so I could be a stay at home mom to our two young children.  Around April/May 2013 I decided to try my hand at making some chunky necklaces for Emily. We lived in Omaha, Nebraska at the time- and I had that hardest time finding the beads I wanted to use, especially at a good price. So I started doing tons of research, found suppliers, and My Pretty Posh Princess was born.  Christian was only 2 at the time, and Emily was a baby baby!  They have quite literally "grown up" in the bead rooms!  
(Our VERY FIRST EVER shelves of "bulk bag" acrylic 20mm beads! )
(Emily- 11 months old- in our very first bead room located in Omaha Nebraska) 
I operated MPPP in Omaha from 2013-March 2014.  At that time, we bought a house in my hometown, in Bloomfield, NE.  We moved the business into it's new space- which had a turquoise/white striped wall.... that I was SO excited about! 
(Our second location, in our home in Bloomfield, NE 2014- organizing a shipment)
We VERY QUICKLY ran out of room in our home after the move- and purchased our first commercial location in Bloomfield, NE in October of 2014! We remodeled the location to have our bead warehouse in the back, and a small boutique upfront.  I designed some cute clothes for children and held fun events at our store in NE! 
(Our first warehouse type location for bulk beads! October 2014)
(One of MANY LARGE shipments of beads!) 
(We have  A LOT of epic mail days! We have since 2013!) 
(Our small boutique in Bloomfield, NE) 
(Emily helping me get ready to take My Pretty Posh Princess to our first vendor event- at the Knox County Fair) 
(When we started our clothing line for our small boutique! Christian, Emily, & my niece Emma modeled the outfits!) 
In late 2015- we decided to move from Nebraska to Colorado, where Austin is from.  We sold our commercial store, and moved the beads back into our home in Fountain, CO.  We were in the process of having a home built, so temporarily had the company in our loft in our rental. 
(Our loft space in Colorado- October 2015.) 
When our new home build on Firecracker Trail was finished in January 2015, we moved the business into it. The business occupied one small bedroom, about 200 square feet. We operated the business from there from January 2015- December 2016. 
(Emily making a necklace in the beadroom) 

In September of 2016 Austin and I started another craft business, Speedy Vinyl.  This business we also started and ran out of our home. That business soon outgrew the house and we moved it into a commercial location in Fountain, CO in January of 2017.  Speedy Vinyl outgrew that location, AND ANOTHER location in 2017- and made its way into its final Colorado location in November 2017. In December 2017 we also moved the beads down to our location at 717 Dale Street in Fountain so we could work both businesses during the day. 

(Our first commercial locations for Speedy Vinyl in Colorado- January 2017)

(Every single year since 2014, my acrylic supplier has sent the kids a Christmas gift! They opened these when a bead shipment came in down at the vinyl shop!) 
In March of 2018- our daughter Emily was attacked by a neighbors dog- which required extensive surgery on her face.  I, Marci, took a week away from the beads to care for her. She was barely 4 when this happened.  Everything transitioned for us from here on out.  Austin and I had decided to grow our family- and I was newly pregnant with our youngest.  We decided it would be best to move the bead business back home- so that I could continue to take care of Emily's medical needs without getting behind on bead orders. We also knew, once the baby was born, it would be much easier to work from home until the baby was older!  When we moved the beads back into the house, it went into a different- and bigger room. Approximately 400 square feet. 
(I frequently got "SEMI LOADS" of beads delivered to our residential address. That's an interesting sight to see! We WERE those WEIRD neighbors!) 
I ran My Pretty Posh Princess from our home on Firecracker Trail, again, from March 2017- September 2019. In September 2019- we purchased a bigger home to accommodate our growing family and my growing business.  Earlier in 2019- our niece came to live with us.  With 4 kids, and the growing business- I needed a walk out basement and more storage! 

(Above- one of many loads of beads, shelves, and drawers when we moved from Firecracker to our new house! We had boxes EVERYWHERE!) 
(The business fit into ONE BEDROOM- Approx. 400 sq ft when we moved into our new home in September of 2019. Acrylic beads lined all wall space in the room, and the center of the room was silicone.) 
The one bedroom, was short lived though.  Eventually beads made their way out into the hallway- and before we knew it- we sold all of our family room furniture and decided to use the downstairs living room area for beads.  When we did this, I went from about 400 sq ft, to about 900 sq ft for beads.  
Don't let the size of the operation fool you though, we've done HUGE volumes of orders for many many years! 
(Beads making their way into the hallway outside of the "bead room" door- which had our flower/bow pendants handing on it!) 
(This was the formal rec/living room space, converted to new bead room!  The left side of the room was silicone, and the right side of the room was acrylic.  I operated in this room from March 2019- 2020.) 
(Taylor quite literally has spent her entire life with beads!  We were in the hospital for 2 days when she was born. Her and I went back to work when she was 5 days old... and she's been with me every single day since!  She, just like her sister Emily, took her FIRST STEPS *I'm NOT CRYING* in the bead room!) 

(Tiktok ing in the bead room)
(Taylor and I visiting dad at the vinyl shop) 

(Christian and Tay at the vinyl shop)
(When I say we have a family run business, I mean, we have a family run business!  At one point or another everyone has helped out!  Our son, Christian used to LOVE making hardware packs to earn money for video games!  My niece, Clarissa loved to help pack orders- and was always good company in the bead rooms! Pictured- Austin helping me make 12mm themed bead mixes in the bead room at the beginning of quarantine March 2020) 
(The day we got our OFFICIAL paperwork from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for My Pretty Posh Princess LLC) 
MARCH 2020: Like everyone else, being quarantined to the house, I was able to spend EVEN MORE time working than normal and decided to do a MAJOR silicone expansion.  It wasn't like I was already running a successful and busy company, doing virtual school with THREE elementary aged kids... and taking care of a toddler (LOL- moms.... we can do it all! right?!)  We decided to give silicone it's own room. Silicone went back into the original bead room, and acrylic took up the entire living room area. 
(During the pandemic our business EXPLODED!  We were SO BUSY!  Austin had to learn the silicone side of the business, so he could help pack silicone orders and I could do acrylic order.  He was also still running our walk in retail & online store- Speedy Vinyl.  The pandemic was a blur of orders, exhaustion, and expansions.) 
(The day they told me that they would be taking over the business when they’re older! 😆 Good to know! 🥰)

During the pandemic, I started playing around on Tiktok like so many other people. I shared one small video about my work, which went semi-viral. People were so intrigued by my weird business.  I found such joy posting videos to Tiktok about beads!  The work load continued to grow and grow.... until we knew it was no longer possible to keep My Pretty Posh Princess in our home.  
(At one point, I had to store beads OUTSIDE on shelves under our covered porch because I had NO ROOM left in our home or garage! Here's my Bead Queen Thrown outside my back door) 
(Tay and I's last video, packing orders in the bead room at home, the night before the move to the commercial location) 
In January 2021, we signed a lease to a commercial location connected to our Speedy Vinyl location in downtown Fountain, Colorado.  We opened up the back to have a walk through... and after TWO LONG DAYS of moving beads from the house.... had officially moved into our 719 Dale Street Fountain location. 
(Moving day! There was stuff EVERYWHERE! I was so overwhelmed!  I have a whole podcast on this move!) 
(Settled into 719 Dale Street) 

(Always willing to help *play* with the beads!) 

(Like mother, like daughter! Taylor on her thrown of beads! This is a typical acrylic shipment for us- and sometimes we get multiple of these a WEEK! 😯)
(Taylor helping water flowers outside the bead studio, summer 2021) 
(We were "joined" to our other company- Speedy Vinyl.  This was Austin's side- the vinyl side of our commercial location. 
(The kids *look how big they are getting* still enjoy spending time at the bead studio.  They do homework here, help out, & hang out!) 
( The big girls making beadable pens & Taylor helping put away silicone teethers)

(Christian helping pack orders at the studio!)

(I started this business so I could stay home with my kids.  For that reason among many, I am SO TRULY blessed that my kiddos can come with me to work!  They've all grown up in the bead and vinyl shops... and we are so THANKFUL to all our customers for allowing us to run these companies and be with our kids!) 
(Silicone Designer Jars!  SO GORGEOUS) 

(Our twinkle lights at night!) 

(Forever shenanigans)

(I’m always roping Austin into my TikTok’s! 😆) 

Much to LITERALLY NO ONE I KNOWS surprise (lol) I also was outgrowing that space by June 2021.  Austin and I were getting creative with space, and before we knew it- beads started making their way into the back of the Speedy Vinyl side.  Austin was working his retail hours of 9 AM - 6 PM Monday- Friday, and working his retail hours for Speedy Vinyl on Saturday.  PLUS he was trying to run over to the bead side to help pack silicone orders.  It was....... HECTIC!  Speedy Vinyl was doing well, and retail was really popping.... BUT it made it SO SO SO hard to get bead orders done.  His time was to split between the two companies.  
It was at this time, we had a serious conversation about selling our company, Speedy Vinyl. We had gotten offers in previous years to sell, but never wanted to.  It was starting to make sense. I DESPERATELY needed his vinyl space, and HIM! 
Negotiations started for the sale of Speedy Vinyl early summer 2021.  We officially sold Speedy Vinyl in September 2021!  It was a CRAZY couple weeks to follow- as we were wrapping that up, and taking out walls to expand beads into the vinyl shop! 
(The day we officially sold Speedy Vinyl- and Austin became FULL TIME at My Pretty Posh Princes! Celebrating at the Melting Pot!) 
Since the sale of Speedy Vinyl, My Pretty Posh Princess has only gotten busier, and better!  By this, I mean.... we have SO MUCH more time to get our work done!  Having Austin FULL TIME is the biggest asset to the company.  He handles silicone 100%.  We went from 1500 sq feet on the bead side, to 3,200 sq feet for beads!  AND.... at this very moment (Dec 2021) we have OVER 10 MILLION beads at the studio... with more on the way! 
If you've made it this far in our story.... THANK YOU. I know I (Marci) am wordy!  But... I AM THANKFUL.  I started this company in a tiny, wood paneled room in 2013 to help make ends meet.  Today, it employs my husband and I full time.  It allows us a schedule that accommodates all our kids needs. We typically work 7:30 AM - 5 PM Monday- Friday. Our processes are stellar. We work together seamlessly.  I enjoy spending my days with my best friend, ordering LOTS of beads.... and being at the studio.  I am FOREVER grateful to each and every single customer- over the last 9 years that have helped me grow this amazing company!  Without you, we would be nothing! 
(Photos inside the current bead studio located at 717 & 719 Dale Street, Fountain CO today! -below) 
(Silicone side) 
(acrylic main run- left to right- 12mm - 20mm) 
(acrylic 12mm mixes & overstock/bulk)
(8mm bead wall)
(acrylic back room- 20mm mixes) 
(acrylic back room) 
(acrylic back room) 
(20mm Solids- Bulk Bags- all colors) 
(findings/alloy pendants & more on the acrylic side)