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Cup Charms


Are you looking to add a touch of whimsy to cups & tumblers? Why not try your hand at making a cup charm? This simple yet elegant accessory can be a fun and creative project for anyone interested in DIY crafts. 

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. You will need a Hardware Kit, and beads/focals of your choice! (HUGE selection of 8mm beads coming soon!) 

We have made this project SUPER easy, with our 5 Piece Cup Charm Kits. These kits come in 3 different color selections: Silver, Gold, & Black.

We have custom designed these 5 piece kits to include the hardware you need to create the perfect cup charm, no matter what style you want to make!  You can add a silicone focal (using the flat head pin) , add beads (using the flat head pin OR the Eye Pin), or just add a cute charm (via split ring to the chain/lobster clasp, or using the eye pin)!  These all inclusive kits leave the guess work out! 

You kit will include: 

  • 1 Count Stainless Steel Flat Head 2" Head Pin
  • 1 Count 1 1/2" Silver Eye Pin
  • 1 Count 8 1/2" Silver Chain With Lobster Clasps On Both Ends
  • 1 Count 12mm Silver Split Ring
  • 1 Count 8mm Clear Acrylic Bead 

With these simple steps, you can create a beautiful cup charm that will add a touch of your creative side to any cup or tumbler. Get creative and experiment with different colors and embellishments to make your cup charm truly one-of-a-kind!







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