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Car Charm Tutorials & Kits

Learn How To Make Car Charm, Mirror Dangles With Our Easy To Follow Youtube Tutorials! 
If you want to make your own charm designs, easily do so with our nylon cord/clasp kits, and huge selections of beads and focals! 
Find White Nylon Cord Kits Here. 
Find Black Nylon Cord Kits Here
Find Gray Nylon Cord Kits Here.
Find Red Nylon Cord Kits Here. 
Find Pink Nylon Cord Kits Here. 
Find 20mm Rhinestones Here. 
Find Silicone Focals Here. 
Find 15mm Silicone Beads Here. 
Find 12mm Silicone Beads Here. 
Find Silicone Lentils Here. 
Find Silicone Abacus Beads Here. 
Find DIY Car Charm KITS here. 

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