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What Happened to our Etsy Shop?

What Happened to our Etsy Shop?

6/27/19: Hello beautiful beaders!  Welcome to Chunky Bubblegum Bead Paradise!!  We recently made a HUGE change.... WE LEFT ETSY! So if you're reading this, we're so happy you're here!

I will briefly explain why! First and foremost, Etsy initially closed our shop- because it linked our shop with an unrelated shop that had broke Etsy's rules. How does this happen? I kid you not, logging into your Etsy account using the same IP address or computer as someone else!  (For us, we used a computer in a different state, while on VACATION... when we had no internet! Someone else checked their shop there recently, so Etsy has now considered our shop and that shop to be "working together" and whatever they do effects us! NOTE THIS if you're using Etsy! It's ridiculous!)  It took WEEKS of hashing this out.... and we ultimately decided it's not worth it! No one should have that much control over  our business, without an ounce of care! What they did, by closing our shop, was incredibly ridiculous and unfair to a rule following, high sales yielding account!  We have been building our business for over 7 years now, and strive to be the best we can for YOU!  For this reason, and those following, we are not going to re-open our Etsy shop. We will permanently keep our shop closed, as Etsy just does not deserve our business OR yours!!!!  Secondly, Etsy doesn't offer any good "rewards" programs for customers!  We wanted to be able to reward you for your support!  Which we have done! Join the rewards program today! Next, Etsy has a flawed system when it comes to allowing literally ANYONE to flag your shop or your items as copyright/infringement.  Your competition can come to your shop, report your item as copyright, and Etsy will deactivate it, and eventually close your shop... WITHOUT investigation. They don't care. Having the system set up like this makes it incredibly easy for people to maliciously abuse the system, and destroy your business! Luckily, this never happened to us, but we know many it has. And it's an extreme injustice for hard working crafters like yourself!  Last, Etsy continues to raise their fees ALL THE TIME. It's getting so crazy, that all sellers on Etsy are having to add these additional costs into their products, making the buyers pay more for products! Etsy even takes a cut on the shipping a customer pays- which can leave the seller in the negative when purchasing shipping. So if you're considering selling on Etsy, we recommend you look into Storenvy instead! It's a much better platform with lower fees, and better practices! 


With that being said.... I, Marci, cannot even put into words how much I love my bead shop and all of you amazing customers..... I REALLY appreciate you, and your support!  We've had out website for so many years... we carry the same great beads, same great or better prices than on Etsy, same great FREE SHIPPING CODE- use code FREESHIPPING on US orders $50.... and of course a free gift with every purchase!!!   THANK YOU!!!!!!